PackRat is no longer being developed. Instead there is a new project PortRat that is a cleaner representation of my original goals.


Packrat is an application that aims to help users of FreeBSD by allowing for multiple ports to be compiled at once with the use of threads and smart. dependency handling. While the FreeBSD make command does allow for multiple "jobs" to be completed at once, it doesn't coordinate the installation of dependencies. So, rather than continue to more of less suffer through the compilation of ports with huge dependency stacks, I decided to utilize the multi-core processors that have become so prominent.


17-7-2007 :: Keeping in time with my 'one update every three monthes' mentality, I'd just like to point out that PackRat isn't dead, and I've just started to really get into the mportant stuff on the re-write. So hang in there, I'll have your compile time down soon enough!

13-4-2007 :: I'm starting a re-write of Packrat in Python. Threading in C++ just isnt working out.

14-1-2007 :: PackRat 0.0.3a has been released. See the README for known bugs.


You can get the latest PackRat releases (and the older ones) from here.


For now you can get the basic functionality of PackRat from a simple packrat -h command. But hopefully I'll get a man page up eventually.


Want to help out? Have bugs to submit? Email me here.